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Yoga and Mei Padam

See samples of Mei Padam movements with Eduardo here and here.

Mei Padam is a system of body-mind conditioning geared toward improving physical fitness, enhancing cognitive functioning, and maximizing physiological wellness. It complements our yoga practice with dynamic yet safe rotational movements and rhythmic breathing. Mei Padam practices can help build lung and heart capacity, balance the nervous system, and improve spatial awareness and coordination.

Mei Padam can be described as what we call today "functional training." Sixth century Tamil sages and warriors would have not described it in such terms, but they certainly developed a powerful system that addresses the body and the mind as a whole rather than training specific areas. Their trained breath helped them balance their nervous system and clear their mind. Their trained body afforded them stamina, vitality, and precision of movement. Their trained mind could assess developing situations and respond skillfully. Our modern struggles may look very different from theirs, but all those capabilities are as relevant now as they were centuries ago.

Your body, mind, and breath are the only equipment needed for the practice of Yoga and Mei Padam. This class is designed for level 1-2 yoga students.

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