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Anna has been teaching popular yoga and Pilates classes at Circle Yoga since 2004, and she has worked for over 10 years with students of ages ranging from young to mature, both able-bodied and challenged, and with all levels of athletic experience and skill. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Pilates Instructor, as well as a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Anna's classes are fun, light-hearted and intelligent, and each student is encouraged to measure performance in consideration of personal immediate and long-term objectives, rather than in comparisons with others. She seeks to connect with each student individually, learning who they are and how she can support their goals, including their desire to embrace an active pain-free lifestyle, to recover from injury, to learn and practice optimal injury prevention, and to live more skillfully inside and outside their bodies.

What to expect in class

Anna takes a holistic approach to all her classes, whether it is Pilates or yoga, integrating ancient yoga and traditional Pilates teachings with the most current, scientific, evidence-based research in Exercise Science. Mindfulness is the foundation of every class, as workouts are designed to focus on breath and biomechanical alignment while addressing the major components of fitness training - aerobic capacity, muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. Props are often used and modifications are made when needed on an individual basis. Anna's classes are motivational, and her hope is that every student will leave class feeling uplifted and empowered, having enjoyed the challenge of learning something new and pushing their own perceived boundaries.