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Hip Openers 101

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Saturday 6/4/2022 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
$35.00 Hip Openers 101

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Hips are complicated! In this workshop, we'll release all the major muscle groups around the hips. Most of the time will be spent workshopping some of the classic hip release poses so you can stay in them safely and comfortably. We'll also have some dynamic movement and, of course, a good long resting pose at the end.  Students should be able to come to the floor and to standing with ease.  All levels of expertise are welcome. 

This workshop will be recorded. The video link will be shared with registered students within about 24 hours of the workshop, and it will be available for 2 weeks following the workshop.

No prior experience is necessary.

Bonnie Foote

In the decade since I finished my 500-hour teacher training at the original YogaWorks in Santa Monica, moved to the District, and started teaching at Circle, my teaching has turned almost completely away from how a pose “should look” to focus on how it feels and works in each person’s individual body. (I may still sometimes say that my students look great, though, because you do!)

My studies in Swedish and deep tissue massage, Integrative Manual Therapy, fascial anatomy, and Alexander Technique, and most of all everything that I’ve learned from my students over the years, all support this focus on “interoception” (how things feel from the inside) over aesthetics. My favorite spiritual teachers also encourage inquisitiveness and personal responsibility. I’m especially indebted to Brooke Thomas and Vanessa Scotto’s “Bliss and Grit” approach, Max Christensen’s Taoist “Crazy Wisdom”, and the legendary duo of the Dalai Lama and the Archbishop Desmond Tutu as featured in The Book of Joy; they all offer a special blend of mischievous, compassionate realism which I try to emulate in my own teaching.

Like most people at Circle, I’ve worn a few hats here; I’ve worked at the desk and served on the Board, and now I coordinate and teach in the 200-hour and 300-hour Circle Yoga Teacher Trainings and help with community outreach and teacher enrichment programming.

Before I turned to teaching yoga, I graduated from Yale in Humanities summa cum laude and got my PhD in English Literature from UCLA, with a focus on contemporary environmental narratives. There were also brief stints in homeless advocacy and as Development Director for the Coalition for Clean Air.

What to expect in class

My classes are carefully sequenced, from a gentle warmup with focus on breath and body awareness to stronger poses that put the same principles into action. I try to pay attention to each student as an individual and offer plenty of props and variations for each pose. You’ll work surprisingly hard in my classes, but I do encourage a light-hearted approach, and I allow for a nice long Savasana (resting pose) to finish. The class doesn’t end when you leave the Zoom room, either; the sequence is designed to help you learn how to find more balance and awareness, at least for the rest of the weekor maybe for the rest of your life!