Home Practice for a Happy Back

Take charge of your own yoga practice! Join Bonnie to learn a basic 30-minute floor sequence that you can do as a regular routine or any time you need it. Bonnie will share the sequence as a handout beforehand; we'll go over it step by step, and then we'll talk about how you might adjust it depending on what's going on with your body on any given day. We'll have plenty of time for Q&A. Yoga students of all levels are welcome. Please feel free to email Bonnie beforehand with any particular healthy conditions / concerns: bonnie@circleyoga.com. If you can, please have ready:

- a strap
- 2 blocks
- a bolster
- a blanket
- a tennis ball

Some alternatives if you don't own these: for the strap, a bathrobe tie, necktie, stretchy band, or long-sleeved shirt; for the blocks, big books; for the bolster, couch pillows; and for the tennis ball, two balled-up socks.

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