Mindfulness For Caregivers: Caring For Ourselves As We Care For Aging Family and Friends

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$160.00 Mindfulness For Caregivers: Caring For Ourselves As We Care For Aging Family and Friends

As those we love age and become increasingly infirm, our relationship with them changes. While these changes are inevitable, we rarely know how—or when—they will unfold, and we are seldom prepared for the transition. Whether it is a sudden crisis or slow deterioration, we often feel responsible for our loved one’s well-being and become increasingly active in their lives. As our concern and involvement escalates, we have less time and energy for ourselves and may feel depleted. Meanwhile, our loved ones have their own views about their independence and our level of involvement. The result can be painful, taking a toll on intimacy and connection just when we (and often they) are wanting it most.

This 4-week series is designed for people who are dealing with the joys and challenges of caring for someone who is aging. Marie Sheppard, Mindfulness and Inner Relationship Focusing instructor, has 20+ years experience with caring for and being cared for by parents in physical and cognitive decline. She will introduce you to some practical, mindfulness-based tools that can help you:

- Better understand what your aging friend or family member wants/needs from you

- Engage in ways that feel more supportive to them

- Take better care of yourself throughout the process

Whether you have been caring for an elderly friend or family member for years or are just beginning on this path, this class will provide practices, perspective, and community that can help you move towards deeper care, both for yourself and for others.

The registration fee covers the 4-week series, Feb. 25 - Mar. 18. The co-op member fee is $140. Not a member? Learn more and join today. This workshop series will be offered on Zoom. It will not be recorded, so be sure to join us for the live sessions each week!

Marie Sheppard

Marie is a long-time mindfulness and Focusing practitioner who is passionate about sharing these practices in ways that help people make concrete and lasting improvements to their lives. Her passion for teaching these awareness practices was first kindled by the benefits that she experienced in her professional and personal life, and now, twenty years later, is fueled by the profound changes she has witnessed in the lives of her students, colleagues and clients.

Marie began practicing mindfulness while pregnant with her second child (now in university) and went on to co-lead a mindful parenting group, write stories that help young children be with difficult emotions and Chair the Board of the Opening Heart Mindfulness Community. She practices in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh and received the Dharma name from him, Joyful Path of the Heart, in 2003.

After a career in international development, including six years living in Zambia with her family, Marie began her next chapter: teaching mindfulness and Focusing as well as working as a Focusing guide. Marie has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Certificate in Inner Relationship Focusing from the International Focusing Institute. She has taught several classes at Circle Yoga (e.g. Year of Mindfulness, Year of Mindfulness and Focusing, and Learning to Listen to the Wisdom of Your Body) and is an active member of the Opening Heart Mindfulness Community, where she facilitates gatherings, works to build a more inclusive environment and collaborates on social justice initiatives. Marie loves the outdoors and lives in an “empty nest” brimming with chickens, horses, dogs and cats.