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Relaxation and Yoga for Teens - Winter 2023A

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Wednesday 02/08/2023 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
$30.00 Drop-in - Relaxation and Yoga for Teens - Winter 2023A
$50.00 Full Series - Relaxation and Yoga for Teens - Winter 2023A

Starting February 15, Relaxation and Yoga for Teens will be on our weekly class schedule with regular class pricing. Drop-ins are still welcome for the Feb. 1 and Feb. 8 classes of this series! 

In Relaxation and Yoga for Teens, teens ages 12 to 18 learn yoga and mindful awareness in a supportive environment. Using the tools of breathing, poses, and systematic relaxation, students practice to create inner calm and focus. This is a great opportunity for teens to pause their busy lives, relax, connect with themselves, and have fun! This class builds community where everyone is accepted and welcome.

Full vaccination is required for all students. Masks are optional.

Partial scholarships are available. Apply now.

See refund policies.

Cinema Wood

“The aim of the yogi is to be curious and present. In this mindful space, gratitude and reverence abide.”

I teach the art and science of yoga. I believe in movement as medicine, and in the wisdom of stillness. Rooted in Himalayan tantric tradition since 2003, I am committed to sharing all of the limbs of Raja Yoga. I design playful practices which access inner vitality and mental tranquility, a blend of movement and meditation, poetry and stillness. Infused with a lighthearted and laid back sense of pace merged with a disciplined and wholehearted focus on the message of the Vedas, my work and wish is to point my students towards the ease and joy of oneness.