Restorative Yoga: The Healing Practice of Deep, Intentional Rest

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$30.00 Restorative Yoga: The Healing Practice of Deep, Intentional Rest

At a time when it feels like everything is happening either too fast or way too slow, take a time out to nourish your body, nervous system, and mind with intentional rest. We will combine comfortable, passive postures with guided relaxation meditations and calming breath work to facilitate ease.

It's best to wear warm clothes and socks for this practice, and you are welcome to do the practice on a bed or sofa. Here's a list of items to have on hand, if possible:

a yoga mat
3 blankets or towels
2 pillows
wall space that is ideally 5 feet wide
an eye pillow or silk scarf to cover the eyes
a bag of rice or something similar to act as a sandbag
2 blocks
a bolster or another yoga mat (rolled) or a foam roller

Not to worry if you do not have all of these items!

The co-op member fee for this workshop is $25. Not a member? Learn more and join today. This workshop will be offered on Zoom. It will not be recorded, so be sure to join us for the live session!

Jill Minneman

Jill has practiced yoga for over 25 years, has taught yoga and meditation for more than 10 years, and holds certifications in yoga therapy (C-IAYT), ParaYoga, and coaching (ACC). In her classes, Jill creates a compassionate, supportive, and friendly space where students can challenge themselves, increase self-awareness, and find steadiness on the mat and in their lives. Her main teacher is Yogarupa Rod Stryker, the founder of ParaYoga. Jill has assisted Rod Stryker at trainings throughout the country. She is also a student of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait of the Himalayan Institute with whom she has studied in the United States and in India. She studied Iyengar Yoga for many years.

Off the mat, Jill is a community leader who advocates for social change and justice as a board member of the American Jewish World Service and the Sitar Arts Center.

What to expect in class
Expect a balanced practice that meets you where you are. Jill's classes emphasize a mix of dynamic and static poses coupled with awareness of breath and mind. The intention for teaching is for students to experience the benefits of steadiness, community, and also some fun. Jill's expertise includes alignment, modifying poses for injuries and conditions, pranayama (breath and energy regulation), meditation, and philosophy.