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Yoga for Strong and Healthy Bones

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Saturday 10/22/2022 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
$45.00 Yoga For Strong and Healthy Bones - Fall 2022

The co-op member fee for this workshop is $40. Not a member? Learn more and join today. 

Come learn and practice the 12 pose sequence that has been shown to build bone density, and we will also touch on poses in the second sequence. The workshop will begin with a brief overview of osteoporosis and how practicing yoga can safely counteract thinning bones and reduce your risk of falling. We will review movements that are safe and those to avoid. As we go through the poses you will be provided sequence suggestions to help you develop your own home routine. Regular practice of these poses can help prevent fractures and improve balance, posture, and core strength as well as bone strength.

This workshop is designed for those with osteoporosis, osteopenia or anyone who wants to build healthier and stronger bones. It is for all levels as there are several versions of each pose. Some yoga experience is helpful. It can also be used as a refresher for those who have taken a Healthy Bones class before and want to refine their practice.

The workshop will be offered in a hybrid format, so you can join in person at the studio or online.

Debbie Helfeld

Debbie began practicing yoga in 1997 to help her body feel stronger and more flexible and to learn to calm her mind. As yoga became a deeper and more integral part of her life, she wanted to share its myriad benefits with others. She completed her 200-hour teacher training through Willow Street Yoga in 2005 and the Budding Yogis Certification program for children the following year. Since then, Debbie has been deepening her practice, completing her RYT-500 training in 2014. She continues studying yoga, pranayama and meditation, drawing inspiration from within and from other teachers, especially those at the Himalayan Institute, which is her spiritual home. She is also committed to teaching Ayurveda, the companion health system to yoga, and how to integrate its wisdom and practices into daily life. Debbie is certified as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor through the National Ayurveda Medical Association (NAMA). She is also certified to teach Dr. Loren Fishman's method of Yoga for Osteoporosis. In addition to teaching group classes, Debbie offers private consultations in both yoga and Ayurveda.

What to expect in class
Through her compassionate manner in teaching Debbie hopes to inspire her students and help them explore and experience the joys and benefits of yoga for body, mind and spirit. Debbie's classes have a friendly, comfortable, and light-hearted feel. She focuses on helping students build core stability and strength, improve balance, and find more ease in their bodies. Debbie is particularly skilled in working with students who have limitations, conditions, or just creaky bodies that require a little extra attention. She offers props and variations to ensure that each student can maintain stability, good alignment, and safety. Debbie also emphasizes the importance of breath awareness and breathing practices (pranayama) that guide students to a state of inner calm and mindfulness.