Yoga Therapy For Arthritis

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$140.00 Yoga Therapy For Arthritis

This 4-part workshop series will draw extensively from research on ways that yoga can benefit the symptoms of various forms of arthritis. Looking at the condition from a yoga therapy perspective, we will explore practices that may go beyond what you have encountered in group yoga classes. Each session will include adapted poses to improve joint function, breath and meditation exercises to reduce pain, discussion of the underlying physiology of arthritis, and self-inquiry to develop home practices that maximize benefits. Each participant will do a brief intake interview and mid-series check-in (via Zoom or phone) to help customize a routine to address the student's individual challenges. No prior yoga experience is necessary and all levels are welcome.

This workshop series is offered live on Zoom, and it will also be recorded. Videos will be available starting 24 hours after each live class and through Tuesday, March 31.

The $140 fee covers the 4-week series. The co-op member fee is $120. Not a member? Learn more and join today.